Something to share

Last week Pastor Nuel asked us (Training for Victory students) to write a personal testimony on how we got saved and what happens after, so let me just share with you my testimony. Here it is.. 

“Writing a personal testimony is kind of challenging for me, not because of shame but because of the OC-ness in me that I want to write it sincerely and with excellence and on how God wants me to write it. I got saved when I was still young, it was June 25, 1995, and I was just 6 years old back then, mama was the one who shared the gospel with me. I remember my mama and papa praying for me and continuously telling me on how God loves me, that Christ died for me, and once I get saved I will immediately go to heaven and have a crown and palace there. As a child I was just so naïve about it and I just want to be saved for me not to go to hell, that’s it. I grew up as a goody goody girl, high-grades, home-school-home (routine), following papa’s (be home at 8pm) curfew until college, I was strong with my convictions and never really had a hard time on refusing to peer pressure, and having my father telling me “this is right” “that is wrong” “this is what you should and shouldn’t do” its either black or white, back then I thought that this is how to be a Christian, but that notion changed progressively as I move to Victory late 2008, God used my college friend for me to attend to Victory Ortigas and as I was attending small groups, meet new friends with the same faith and  attended youth services I then started to feel that I want more of Jesus, I began starting my one-2-one on 2009, everything was really great and smooth sailing until my lolo died before I graduated from college on March 2009, a day before my graduation He died and that was my turning point, I experienced depression and started to walk away from God instead of running to Him, I started ignoring the bible, I don’t want to talk to anyone even to my parents, and I then having a relationship with an unbeliever, I let my emotions drag me to my lowest but God didn’t stop on loving me and reaching out for me; a friend from Victory encouraged me to be back on track, they never judged me for what I’ve done and continuously reminding and correcting me. I was finally baptized on October 24, 2010, but that doesn’t give me the problem free life but a problem-proof one and there were still so many ups and downs, wrong choices and decisions that led me to a heartbreak and just early this year that’s when I say that I have to really fix my eyes on Jesus no matter how much it costs me, I began to let go of the things that will hinder me from obeying and glorifying God, I lifted everything to God and just let go and be still before Him. I started again to volunteer and really strive to have a deeper relationship with God and to put God FIRST in every aspect of my life. I know that apart from God, I am nothing, that it is really only by His grace that I can do things, everyday I was just so blessed and always in awe on how faithful God has been and will always be in my life and in our family, even if my parents are both in Japan, and me being the parent/sister/friend/leader to my siblings all rolled into one, I’m honored and blessed because I know that God is preparing me for something. Every day, when I get to see how BIG and GREAT the God that I am serving and how much he loves me that he sacrifice his own son Jesus Christ for us and that Jesus conquered death for us to have that victorious and abundant life, I just want to share it with others too, I want them to experience this kind of love and mercy that God has continually giving me. How its gonna be easy when we are with God, that its not what they think it is to be a Christian, it is not boring to have a relationship with God, that its not about performing or our performance but its about how God loves us even when were still ugly in our sins and that He is the only One who can sustain us and love us unconditionally and can complete us. Now, that I am having a deeper knowledge and relationship with God I will now be more cautious on how I live my life and on my decisions, to always be rooted with His love and stand firm with my convictions and will ask God for more grace for me to speak boldly to other ladies and be a blessing to them.”


Cool Calm Collected (late post)

These past few days, we’ve been challenged by the weather, it was Ferdie, then Gener then followed by Monsoon (that really affected tons of people here in the Metro) and now Helen. Many are still flooded, lives killed, houses sumbmerged by the flood, people stuck in the evacuation centers, food shortage, kids getting sick, schools and classes get suspended, blaming here and there, whining everywhere but thank God for calmness in me, the peace and serenity that he had given during these times because I know that He has promises for us, and in those promises I was confident about that’s why I managed to become relax, be still and let everything to God.

In this kind of state, sometimes the easiest reaction for us is to complain, blame other people, get scared and be shaken by all of what’s happening outside our house and be very afraid… But Jesus told us that  “You can be sure that the Lord will protect you from harm..” Proverbs 3:26  God has a promise and He is always faithful, He will keep it. 🙂 God is still God! He made us all, He is our Mighty deliverer, our strong tower so we should not be afraid or shaken by all of these. God is BIGGER than any problem or calamity that may go our way, we just have to be still and know that He is God. A God who’s bigger than anything, a mighty God, our refuge, a God who delivers and who will redeem us and most importantly He is our Father who loves us unconditionally and will love us forever!

“So do not fear, for I am with you..” Isaiah 41:10 

God is good and everything he does is good. Psalm 119:68

I made a mistake

How hard it is really to admit that we made a mistake, surely its hard most especially admitting it to someone whom you offended or to someone you’ve done wrong (whether its by actions or just merely by thinking bad to that someone). What would you say if someone did something to you or hurt you or offended you I’m sure you will get sad for a while or maybe get a little annoyed or irritated by them but for me praying is the most important thing to do, this is the time when we are talking to God and pouring our hearts out to Him and in this way also is when God is talking to us (yes through prayers and reading the Word of God is God’s way of communicating to us) so we should always listen and ask God for wisdom and for us to always acknowledge His sweet little voice. 🙂 Most of the time its easy for us to point someone that he/she made a mistake to us but what if WE are the one who did wrong to that person, YOU are the one who made a mistake, or it is YOUR fault that’s why something went wrong, or YOU offended someone.. What will you do? This is what I did..

Last week, I’ve done something wrong to someone maybe for some who knows me its just a “little mistake” and I am just getting so OA about it but its still a mistake.. Sneaking into someone’s page/account and start investigating and thinking bad thoughts about that person is NOT a small thing, ITS BAD. When I started scrolling through his(he’s a special someone to me..) account Satan starts feeding lies on my mind, these are the lies that he feeds me that night “he’s that same person, he will just hurt you again” “he didn’t change and you’ll just end up in pain when you give him chance again” “he will just cheat on you” “he’s texting other girls”  so on and so forth.. Yes, I started over-thinking and these lies started bugging me and without me realizing I started giving in to Satan’s lies! (Yes, Satan is always doing that to us, he feeds lies and he wanted us to believe in those lies because he wants us to stumble, walk away from God and to just stop believing to what God provides for us,–THE TRUTH–)

At first, I was annoyed with myself, and at some point I started crying because too many stuffs are running on my mind and worst case was it’s all lies from Satan, I even started getting mad to this person without him knowing it.. What did I do? I prayed, there I was praying like a little child to God, crying out for help, pouring my heart out to Him and asking God to help me with my situation.. “Lord, I am really having a hard time.. I am trying to keep everything collected and I’m trying to control my feelings but Lord I cant.. This is really affecting me Lord, I am so tired.. Please help me Lord.. Please..”

Then God started showing me and making me realize how I have been running on my own strength and how I started leaning on my own strength.. Yes, I do pray and always ask for wisdom, strength and guidance but I forget to always be confident with His grace, I started doing things or striving things on my own! That’s why I felt so tired and so consumed because I cant do it on my own.. I cannot fight this spiritual battle on my own.. I need God, His grace!

Then God showed me the truth through His word,

  “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!” 2 Corinthians 5:17

I was amazed how God can truly change everything, in this passage He is telling me that the old me is gone and that I am a new creation, as well as this guy (whom I made a mistake by sneaking through his account), Satan is feeding me lies that this guy is just the same guy he used to be, that he didn’t really change but here is the truth.. “the old has gone and new has come” and its actually a punch in my face, I judge this person right away and I started thinking bad things because I gave in to Satan’s temptation (of making pakealam his account) and I started running in my own strength.. That same night I repent on my sin, and ask God for wisdom and grace to face this guy and admit the mistake I did..

The next morning, this guy and I talked, and admitting my mistake was realy hard at first but with God’s grace I did it! I said sorry, for doing those stuff, for judging him through my thoughts and for comparing him to others.. I was really blessed with this man, because he just listened to me and he understands.. After that talk, we prayed to God, for us to always listen to Him, for us to always do what God intended us to do and for us to always lean on God and not in our own strength, for us to always fix our eyes on Jesus, and whatever trait that is unpleasing to God let it be cut out on us, and that we may be used by God every day and in every actions, thoughts or decision may be pleasing to God.

God had to break me, for me to realize that I was forgetting to trust in Him, and that it is only by His grace that I can do things, it is in Him I can find refuge, it is He who can help me and make me be still and focus.. It is only in HIM. That there are this certain part in me or certain trait that I haven’t surrendered yet to God.. He used that water-loo or my weakness for me to realized that I have to surrender everything to God, my weaknesses to God because I cannot do it ALONE.

It is just so amazing how God’s mercies are new every morning, that His grace is more than enough to cover up all of my shortcomings. God allows me to go through stuffs like that to discipline me and to mold me to become more of his likeness. He breaks me so He can transform me..

I just want to thank you Lord, for loving me and for always being so good and faithful.. Thank you for being patient with me, I know there will be times or there are times that I disappoint you or me being unfaithful to you, I’m sorry Lord and thank you for your love, mercy and grace.. It is truly in You that I have to put my hope and trust.. Lord, I am surrendering every weakness in me so that I can receive your strength, Lord thank you that I can be me and trust you that you are doing something in my life, that it is only YOU who can transform me inside and out. Thank you that I was able to admit to someone and to you Lord that I am not perfect, that I did something wrong and maybe soon I will do something wrong but thank you for your grace that you’ve given me that I have the strength to say no to sin! And that you are with me always, you are carrying me along and that you will uphold me. Yes, I can be holy because God is holy! 🙂 Thank you Lord, for giving me the chance to talked to this man, and for giving him the heart who understands and I know Lord that it is only you who can transform the both of us. 🙂

The epitome of the word MISS is them! My MAMA and PAPA!

It’s been more than 2 years since my mom left for Japan and 6 months to be exact since Papa left also for Japan. (disclaimer: this blog is about how I miss my parents and how I wanted to hug them so bad, bear with me). Since I was on my secondary school I noticed that I was really hard on myself, I forced myself to grow up and become the BEST ate that I can be and the BEST daughter for my parents, because I always think that whenever I do that I know that I can please God. Now God has given me the chance and responsibility to be the mom / dad / ate / friend / discipler / budget head / nurse / coach for my siblings / and everything rolled into one! God is preparing me for something and I know that and I am more than blessed and honored to be in this position right now. It’s fulfilling to see your siblings grow both physically and spiritually, and knowing that you’re part of that growth –IT’S PRICELESS! I am just so blessed that God helped my parents to brought us up this well, we became a Christ-centered kids and I am really thankful for my parents. I want to use this blog for me to honor my my parents, so let me introduce them with you. 🙂

Here’s my mom, I call her mama. 🙂

She is the sweetest mom, the most caring, understanding, she teaches us to have fear in the Lord to always please God in every actions that we do, she loves us so much but she loves God more, she is one of my best friends, she is my fan, she encourages me to do things that God would intend me to do, she corrects and disciplines me, she give all of her to us, her children and to Papa, she is more often emotional and cry easily but she’s strong when struggles come our way, she always checks us her kids on how we feels and on how our day goes, she takes good care of us, she can make us laugh in her simple ways, she knows when to give or when to not give in to our wants, she always have time to make non-sense talk with me every morning, she encourages me to exercise, she is most of the time the “kuripot” one, Papa is more of a giver / spoiler, haha! She loves her siblings so much, she’s very giving to people who’s needy (that sometimes lead to an argument with Papa), she loves to sing (well I think, I get that from her), she’s super “madiskarte” ( I get that from her also), she is really a woman of God, she’s the wind beneath my wings! Those are just some of my mom’s trait, this blog is not enough to describe my mom! I miss our morning chikahan at their room, our tawanan before we go to bed, our bondings, I miss her, my confidant, I miss how she always knew what to say whenever I feel nuts or down, I miss our shopping moments, I miss how we share the word of God and testimony every week or whenever we had the chance, I miss how she encourages me to always follow what God commanded me to do, I miss her voice every morning calling my name to go downstairs and eat our breakfast, I miss how she gets mad at me when I eat things that the doctors prohibited me to eat, how she get annoyed when someone hurts us, I miss her, her giggles, her laugh, the way she says I love you to us, the way she kisses us (treating us like we were still her little girls), the way she hugs us, and of course her smile. 🙂

Here’s my Papa.. :))

Most of the people, mostly in church always sees him as the man who’s always serious, a man who doesn’t know how to throw a joke, but when you get to know him personally you’ll get shocked because He is a funny guy. He has his own way and sometimes the most hilarious jokes that will get us laughing our hearts out! Haha! He is our leader, our decision maker (when he says a thing, whether a yes or a no, its always his call), he protects us, he is our dad, a dad that is always there for us, a dad that led us to have a much deeper relationship with God, he pushes us to our limits, he encourages us on how to be obedient, he loves us so much, he provides for us, he is our ultimate driver (He is really a PRO when it comes to driving), he is sometimes my shopping buddy, he loves mama so much, he is sometimes “masungit” but he has his own way how to show his sweetness to us, he loves eating pizza with us, he loves exercising, he is a health buff, he honors God and teaches us to always honor God and glorify God in everything that we do, he gives us not only what we need but sometimes he gave us also what we want (which makes mama, sometimes annoyed cos papa is spoiling us na daw. haha!), he is a good cook (he experiments on food and it always turned out to be delicious), he values mama so much, he respects and honor mama, he is a minister in and outside the church, he is firm with his convictions, he is my partner when it comes to going to a car show ( he is fond of cars, because at some point of his life daw, he dreamt of being a professional race car driver. haha. Oh di ba?) Haha! I miss you papa, I miss how you made us behave in just one look, I miss our road trips, I miss us eating huge pizzas, I miss doing errands with you (when mama makes you do things), I miss how you corrects and disciplines us and by always reminding us that you are doing that because you love us so much, I miss how you pushes mama to do exercise every morning, I miss how you remind us of every single detail every morning ( you really have a sharp memory pa, I need that these times), I miss how you fix everything in our house, I miss how you annoyed us just by farting intentionally in our room and leave when it stinks too much, I miss how you throw your punchline seriously and laugh at yourself when its not funny at all, I miss how graceful you are or tough you were when everyone is panicking yet you still can stay calm and collected, I miss your laugh, I miss you teasing us, I miss your fart (seriously! Even how bad it was), I miss how you treat us as your princesses, I miss how you make “sumbong” to me when you had an argument with mama, I miss your way of making us realize things and our faults without really rubbing it on us, I miss playing board games with you pa and I miss you singing out loud (whether gospel songs or beatles), I miss our conversation about God, life and even non-sense! I love you pa and I miss you and mama so much. But don’t worry about my siblings, God is helping me to do my duties very well, I know that you missed us also, but whatever plans God has for us I know its always beautiful and perfect in His own time.. Whether it us us flying there to Japan or you guys flying back here, it’s all up to God! Thy will be done Lord. 🙂

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.  – Jeremiah 29:11

God’s got your back

This is just a quick post for today, before I do my stuff.. I woke up today with a feeling of writing something and God just spoke to me through His word and tells me this “Cheer up! Don’t be afraid. Your God is coming to punish your enemies. God will take revenge on them and rescue you.” -Isaiah 35:4

Isn’t it sweet and securing, that God’s favor is on us that means that God is FOR us and He is in charge of everything and anything in our lives. Sometimes, there are people in our lives (friends,relatives,colleagues,classmates,or even our family) persecute us or mocks us for having a relationship with God and we tend to get affected and just give up but God said that HE is coming to punish those people who unceasingly persecute us and HE will rescue us.. We don’t have to be like them or to get bitter whenever they do things to us all we have to do is to lift everything to the Lord, trust Him more because God is our mighty deliverer! So we just have to continue our walk with God, we have to persevere and be obedient with what God wants us to do. God’s got our back!

..Happiness will be a crown they will always wear. They will celebrate and shout because all sorrows and worries will be gone far away. Isaiah 35:10. So we don’t have to worry or be burdened about what other people will say or do to us, we just have to stand firm in faith and always trust God that He will deliver us, and that we can take refuge in Him. And that our faith in God changes everything, He will give us the grace to always handle every situation the way God wants us to handle those and to treat people the way He intends us to do.

New heart

Wow!! It’s been like forever since I get the chance to blog, my laptop’s not working anymore so I wasn’t able to blog.. It’s holy week again and other people really seemed to be happy because its “vacation” time for them but for me its the time to really be thankful to Christ for what he did on the cross just to save us from our sins. He conquered death and was raised to life for our justification (Romans 4:25). Jesus’ blood–His sacrificial death– is God’s solution for humanity’s sin. He pays the penalty for our sin. He wants to give us the clean slate–FORGIVENESS.

As the result of God’s sacrifice, Jesus Christ, as the payment for our sins, we not only experience forgiveness from the past, but we are given a new heart and a new life as God’s children. God loves us so much that he didn’t only forgave us, but he forgets our past and with the gift of His grace and mercy we have a new heart and life. He has delivered us and by the shedding of His blood we have this promise, a promise of a victorious life!

I am so humbled and joyful because I know that its not an accident, because God chose me and called me to become his follower. I was purchased by Christ and I belong to him, I want to please him in everything that I do, even through my thoughts, words and actions. I lift everything to him, and it’s not about me anymore but its about what God wants for me, what he wants me to do, I will follow him! I am so grateful because everyday, I am confident to face life because I know that God loves me so much and he has a promise for me, a promise of a prosperous life!

Great start!

This is just a quick blog before I do my errands today.. As I was having my quiet time (I always do this every morning) God made me read this passage from Isaiah.. “Whether you turn to the right or to the left, you will hear a voice saying “This is the road!” Now follow it. -Isaiah 30:21.” I was just overwhelmed and thankful to God, because He wants us to always feel and know that He is always there, waiting for us to turn to HIM and to listen to Him but we tend to go on our own way.. we used to do things our way and ended with a broken heart and end up in pain. But in this verse Lord God reminds us that whether we turn to the right path or not as long as we trust in Him and seek him, He’s always there waiting for you and there will always be that voice that will guide us and tell us which way to go..–the right path, all we need to do is trust God and His ways because its always better than ours.

“Then the Lord will bandage his people’s injuries and heal wounds..” -Isaiah 30:26 God will not only guide and tell us which way to go but he will heal our wounds. That’s how God loves us, its immeasurable, indescribable, unconditional and unfailing..  So, to everyone who feels like its the end or they can never turn to God again because of guilt, no, don’t feel that way.. It’s never too late to turn to God and to offer and surrender your lives to Him.. The moment you asked for forgiveness, God forgave you. So, don’t spend another minute in regret, feeling bad about yourself. 🙂


By seeing God’s faithfulness over and over, we let go of trusting ourselves, and gradually we enter God’s rest and place our trust in Him. Its really refreshing to always feel and see God’s amazing grace towards us.. It’s giving me strength, courage, overflowing joy that fills my heart, and security.. To know that God is always faithful to his promises to us, and that is to prosper us and not to harm us. Sobrang joyful ko lang everyday, as in without putting any ka O.A-han. 🙂

I’ve been going through some stuffs lately; break-up, being the mom/dad/sister/friend to my other siblings (3 of them), responsibilities that my parents left for me to attend to, and so much more.. Thinking that if I only trust with my own understanding and with my own self lang I know that I cannot handle all of these, sobra akong mahihirapan but with God’s grace and mercy I am happy, joyful and worry free–so much OKAY. 🙂

Everyday, I thank God because I know that He is my refuge, it is only in HIS presence that I can find joy and it is HIM who can love me unconditionally and it is God whom I can seek comfort and protection.. Kaya to all of you whose going through some stuffs right now, stuffs that made you feel like giving up, don’t give up because God never changes, but He can change anything! All things are possible with God. So don’t lose hope, and keep trusting God and his promises to us and always be patient, God’s perfect timing is always the best. 🙂

Reunited.. and it feels so good.

Feb 24, 2012, Friday to be exact was a momentous event for me, Ces (one of my best-friends), Roy, and Jim–MY COLLEGE FRIENDS. Magmeet kami!! Yes 4 of us.. E pano ba naman hindi magiging momentous e after ata ng mahigit 3 years  nung araw lang na yun uli kami magkikita (syempre di kasama si Ces jan a, kakakita lang namin nung Feb 17 e. Haha!) So, Ces and I decided to meet up as early as 9am (take note: nag leave siya sa work para sa GALA na ito, so MOMENTOUS event indeed. Haha!) after namen magpunta sa La Salle, we went to our second stop; LAY BARE (proof? O ito ang picture)

Brando as I call her, very manly ba? May history kasi yang tawag ko sakanya just to share things with you guys, si Ces kasi ay may kuya, KUYA FRANCO pero ung dad niya na si TITO ENCHONG e trip siya tuwing summer, magbuhat ng mga paso and washing machine at kung anek anek, kaya natripan ko na siyang tawaging BRANDO. Haha! Very interesting di ba? Haha! But my friendship with this lady was incredibly no question, she’s my best friend and my sister.. She’s been there for me and never left. (I’ll make a blog on her soon. 🙂 ) She’s that one person that I cannot afford to lose and I can lose every friend I have now but not her, I will never ever want to lose this lady. 🙂 (jowa pala. Haha!)

Next stop ng adventure e ang school, here’s our picture (makikita niyo kung gano namin namiss ang school, kaya most of our pictures were taken at the college arcade! Haha!) –MOMENTOUS hahaha!

    Ces and Roy, when we were in college they used to call each other “MAKO” for Mahal ko. Haha! Well actually, dahil shy type si Roy si Ces lang madalas magtawag sa kanya ng ganun. Haha! Sorry brando (Ces)!! Si Roy din ang lalaking kayang sabihan si Ces na para siyang “TUOD” ba yun? Or “KAHOY” pag nasayaw.. Haha! Ces, alam ko ayaw na natin alalalahanin ung mga “DANCE MOVES” natin nun but seriously, I think we really sucked! When it comes to dancing. Haha! Agree?

Big smile with Umberto as I call him, well nakakamiss yung ganito namin ni umberto mejo nawala kasi ako sa circle nung na stuck ako sa ibang mundo e. Haha! But I’m back and its nice that after more than 3 years of not seeing each other or merely text each other, we can still be like “us” when we were still in college! Yung makulit lang. Haha! I’m blessed.

Jimboy as I call him! Hahahaha!! Sino kahawig niya dito? Well, this big guy was one of the sweetest friend we have, un nga lang minsan or madalas sobrang wala sa timing ang mga banat and he has a tendency of sometimes annoying us, but because of his “UNBELIEVABLE” humor we always end up laughing our ass out! Haha! That is Jimboy’s nature make us laugh with his wrong grammar (back in college ha, kasi ngayon he’s a top agent in SITEL a call center company, bongga di ba? ). It’s really amazing to be reunited with your college friends and know that they’ve become successful in their own chosen careers. 🙂 I’m a proud friend.

Our next stop was at Casa Roces restaurant where we have so much fun and got to catch things up, share the past years we had and more more kwento!! (We were not allowed to take pictures there so we’ll just proceed to our next stop)

After eating at Caballeros, we walked a lot under the heat of summer sunshine. Haha! Sobrang inet pero masaya kasi habang naglalakad kami madami padin tawanan at asaran at syempre ang greatest dillema ever e kung saan na kami pupunta.. Hahaha! So we decided to go to a coffee shop, pano sobrang inet kaya sobra kaming nauhaw.. Haha! We went to Hollys Coffee..

Before I proceed to our next stop, let me just show you how we get there.. (attached photo) the use of “KULIGLIG” Hahaha!! If you don’t want to experience the long line and wait under the sun without even the assurance na makakaupo ka according sa bayad mo sa jeep, this (kuliglig) will save the day!!! Hahaha!! We had so much fun in our kuliglig adventure this is simply because of Jimboy’s kaartehan.. Haha! (ayaw magjeep, sosyal na kasi baka daw mangitim siya. :p) But it was worth it, walang inet mas mabilis pa. Haha!

To our next stop SM MANILA, VIDEOKE HUB!!! When we were in college aside from being a tambay at our college arcade we love singing!! So BIDYOKE NIGHTS again.. Wooooo!!!

Di ko kinaya ang pag beautiful eyes ni Jim!! HAHA! Meron pa isa, may pagkawacky! Haha! Here (attached photo)

Hahaha!! Sobrang dami naming tawa nito, sa DANCE MOVES palang ni Jim sa kantang “DI BALE NALANG” na ala “GARRY V.” daw na parang (bulate lang na may asin) at ang mga pang SENTI na kanta.. Hahaha! Ang ADELE playlist ni JIM  at ang NIBER FIND (Never find dapat) na kanta. Haha! We had a BLAST. Super fun and sabi nga sa kanta “reunited and it feel so good…” We call it a DAY. 🙂

Real Beauty

After listening to Mrs. Thammie Sy’s podcast, I was so encouraged to share and to actually make a blog about what I heard and learned from her message! Most of the words that I used here are from Ate Thammie’s message, it is just so inspiring.. So here it goes.. “For the world, beauty is something we need to achieve; we should always look beautiful for us to be loved. The world teaches us to think this way, but I know that I cannot rely with any make-ups to make me beautiful because at the end of the day we need to remove it and we have to accept that this is the way we look. Physical beauty; it won’t last, physical beauty is fleeting, it is temporary so we cannot rely on it. How the world defines “BEAUTY”, its not clear with us and its not working; ITS TIRING.” After hearing these from Ate thammy it heats me because its true, we will all be tired when we just conform to this world’s definition of beauty. We will never really know how to appreciate ourselves and our identity in Christ when we just focus on the standard of this world and what the media is bombarding us on how to be beautiful and what is beautiful;physical beauty.

The bible tells us the different definition of “BEAUTY”, it is not about our image or how we look but it is our CHARACTER. “Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised” Proverbs 31:30  It’s something that last, it is not fleeting and its spiritual–it’s INTERNAL. It’s more than any make-up that you wear, or how expensive your clothes maybe, its more than that. If we could just learn how to fix our eyes on Jesus, we will learn how to take our eyes away from how we look and we will not waste our time fixing our outside beauty or physical beauty because God will make you realize that physical beauty is temporary but inner beauty/spiritual beauty our character is something we should invest on, because it LAST. 🙂

Sin makes us ugly and insecure, but while we were still ugly in our sins God still loves us, that made us beautiful and valuable because we are the apple of His eye, He is enthralled with our beauty. We are beautiful because God loves us; we are even beautiful because Jesus already restored us. We are bought at a price, so don’t think that you are broken because Jesus bought us.–YOU ARE NOT BROKEN. When God looks at you He doesn’t see an accident, He doesn’t see a MESS, when God looks at you He sees the work of HIS hands. If you know how much or what it took for our beauty to be restored, it took Jesus dying on a cross for us, for us to be forgiven and be cleanse for us to be RESTORED. If we understand that it took the blood of Jesus for us to be beautiful again, so value yourself. You are rare, complete, flawless in Christ’s eyes and valuable, so don’t conform to this world on how this world defines beauty, because it is on the lesser value. It will just misled you and you will end up tired, incomplete and broken-hearted, but to God you no longer need to spend hours in putting your make-up on because his favor is upon you, he loves you and he is the only one who can made you complete and secure. You are beautiful and flawless in God’s eyes, and He is enthralled with your beauty, when you know how valuable you are to God and how He sees you, you will never be insecure, you no longer need an assurance to anybody, you will never need to rely your security to your make-up or money or to other person, because God made you complete, and made you even beautiful for restoring you by the shedding of the blood of His own son Jesus Christ.

No longer do you need to try to look beautiful for you to be loved, because God loves you and mold you, and now you know that because you are loved by no less than our Lord, the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, YOU are beautiful. Honor Him with the beauty that he gave you, use it not to draw men but to glorify God. Respect yourself and your body, when you know your identity in Christ, you will never have to compete with what the world says is beautiful because knowing that God is enthralled with your beauty, its PRICELESS. 🙂